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Our vision is to become the employer’s preferred Recruitment partner of choice based on the extent and quality of our services. We also endeavor to be the preferred platform for candidates to discover and peruse exciting careers with their ideal organizations.



Key Business Sectors


Hospital Services                                Factor and Industry
Construction                                        Cleaning and Maintenance Services
Security Services                                 Petrol Pump, Service Station
Hotel Industry                                     Agriculture and Horticulture
Information Technology                   Garments Factory and Shopping Mall
Marine Engineering                           Dairy Farm and Live Stock
Oil and Gas Field                                 Road Infrastructure
Health Care


Manpower is Categorized Under

  • Professionals, Engineers, Chartered Accountant, Doctors & Nurses.
  • Administrator, Supervisors Surveyor.
  • Highly Skilled Senior Foreman.
  • Senior Skilled Heavy Equipment Operator Mechanic.
  • Skilled Carpenter, Mason, Painter.
  • Semi-Skilled Staff.
  • Hoteling Staff including Cook, Waiter, Dishwasher.
  • Janitorial Worker.
  • Un-Skilled Ordinary Labor.


Why Choose Flag Leader Manpower


  • Our ability to conduct the process in a timely, accurate, and complete manner.
  • Our flexibility to provide services specially tailored for our client’s individual needs.
  • We try our best to keep everything transparent between our clients and candidates.
  • Our experience in the field and knowledge of our locality.
  • We perform an in-depth pre-screening process to assess the performance, skills, interests, and abilities of the candidates.
  • We verify and evaluate each candidate’s experience and references to document, select the very best.
  • Our processing charges are extremely competitive. We are also able to provide personalized recruitment.
  • Solutions to meet our client’s unique needs and nature of business; in short, we provide better value for money.
  • It is our belief that we can serve our clients better if we know their organizational goals and objectives. We strategize our approach in finding the right candidate for our clients even if it means adopting non-conventional ways, this way we can reach those people who are too busy.
  • To respond to traditional ways of advertisements.
  • Deposit all the technicalities and documentation, we like to keep things simple for our clients and candidates.